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All nonprofits want three things

Resources. Expertise. Brand awareness.

Brownie Points is an easy-to-use platform that will help you achieve your goals and scale and sustain your impact, through connecting an active and caring community of supporters with the projects that you need support with.

Choose a package that suits your organisation

You can change at any time

What are the different options and which should I choose for my NPO?

There are 2 packages available for Brownie Points NPO Partners. You will be able to change your package at any stage, and our team is on-hand to help you choose a package, and optimise all the features. You can contact us on partners@brownie-points.co.za if you have any questions.

The BASIC option is a good option to start with, and works well for organisations who have many opportunities for unskilled volunteering, but the GROW option is the best option for organisations who are looking for donations towards specific goals and online fundraising support. Brownie Points supports all activity online, including your donation goals, so the GROW option is appropriate if fundraising is your strong objective.


  • This option is available for free.
  • You will have a searchable organisation profile on the Brownie Points website and will have social media sharing options.
  • You will be able to create volunteering events with opportunities for Brownie Points supporters to volunteer and support your organisation.
  • You’ll immediately receive 10,000 brownie points in your pot to award to volunteers for their time. You get a unique URL (brownie-points.co.za/non-profits/your-npo-name).
  • We automate all emails and SMS communication for volunteering opportunity notifications for you.


  • The grow option costs a per annum fee of R1 460, and a 3% success fee on all donations.
  • You will have all the benefits of the basic option.
  • You will be able to connect your PayFast Cause account to receive online donations via the Brownie Points website, as well as debit orders with DirectDebit (coming soon).
  • Access to donor and donation reports with your own SnapBill account.
  • Brownie Points will create and deliver all donation receipts and section 18A certificates to donors.
  • You will receive support from your dedicated Success Manager in setting and reaching donation and impact goals.
  • We will create content for you in the form of blog posts, custom social media posts and even videos, and market your organisation to our growing community of do-gooders.
  • Many more awesome features coming soon!

How and when will I have to pay?

When you subscribe to our GROW package, we will ask you for your credit card details (don’t worry, these are only stored with our PCI-compliant partner, SnapBill), and the yearly subscription of R1 460 will be processed immediately. Thereafter, this yearly subscription will be processed on the same day every year.

For the 3% success fee, you will receive an invoice at the end of each month. This invoice will only be for 3% of your total donations, including direct donations to your organisation and fundraising goal donations. This will automatically go off your previously specified credit card. Just a note: This 3% is additional to the 3.5% PayFast charges on all credit card transactions.

We use these 3% to make sure we can market your nonprofit organisation to the right people effectively, so that we can increase your online donations and supporter base. We only succeed if you do, so we will use this success fee in your best interests and to achieve your goals.

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