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Children & Youth
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Plumstead, Cape Town

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Hands of Honour was formed in response to the alarming amount of men just languishing in soup kitchens all over Cape Town.In some instances ,up to three generations of males of the same family present .A ticking time bomb as it breeds welfare dependency.

Hands of Honour (NPO 086/55) addresses two problems that contribute to systemic poverty in the poorer areas of Cape Town:

Problem No 1. Large scale unemployment among township men, especially those languishing in soup kitchens.
Problem No 2. Lack of space in under resourced township Early learning Centres as well as lack of tools/ furniture that inspire critical thinking and creativity in young children .

Our Solution No 1
1 . Creating Employment : Hands of Honour employs individuals drawn from a large pool just languishing in soup kitchens, to up-cycle obsolete stock and recyclable items. Much of this waste is provided through partnerships with the corporate sector and would otherwise end up in landfills.

Proceeds from this have two benefits:

• Provide salaries for workers who otherwise have no work options available to them;
• Profits are invested in derelict community spaces, focusing on public spaces which have become havens for anti-social behavior.

Our Solution No 2:
2 .Manufacturing and distributing award winning Early Learning tools and furniture that will prepare the next generation of problem solvers, collaborators, and critical thinkers
• One of our products ,the Angel Classroom on Wheels was declared a winner in an international competition for early learning tools/furniture that inspire creativity and critical thinking in young children.It was a winner in two categories (Best Idea + Best visual) in the Swarm Vision’s ‘’ Future of Education ‘’ campaign ,beating 384 entries ,among them design and education experts.
Together with reknowned childrens education expert Cherry Howell (P.T.D ; DSE (RE) ; N.I.L.D (Post Graduate) we have created the Angel Classroom on Wheels (COW)
• A real space saver and specifically designed for Early learning Centres where a lack of space is a daily challenge ,the unit literally folds open to reveal a world of learning and adventure through the books and educational aids installed within it’s confines.
• The Angel Classroom on Wheels ,as presented now ,provides an educational Hub for a Pre-schools class of up to 30 learners.
Focusing on three learning areas :
• Numeracy
• Literacy
• Life -Skills
Here is a summary of the benefits of the Angel Classroom on Wheels :
* A compact and secure storage unit for books and teaching aids
* A central point from which the Educator delivers lessons (Something vital in overcrowded Edu-Cares)
* A place where Learners can explore the concepts taught ,using the stored teaching aids
*A mobile classroom library with age appropriate reading material

The unit comprises three folding sections which opens up to a U shaped shelved book case .The two opening doors have chalkboard surfaces ,used by the educator or learner during or after lessons.There are several pockets for the display of reading material and books which develop language and life-skills.In the central panel ,there is an open -sided area at the top ,for book display as well as for the use of puppets in a Puppet Theatre.These are manipulated by the educator ,seated in front of the Theatre or by Learners standing behind it.There is a fold-away bench for learners to sit on while reading.This bench can also be used a a work desk ,for two Learners as well as for kneeling learner involved in numeracy work ,using the beads on the wire situated just above the bench ,as an Abacus..The unit has 3 boards ,covered in felt material in the primary colours of Red /Yellow/Blue -these boards are for use of felt pictures for Life Skills ,Numeracy and Literacy..Behind the boards ,are storage places for teaching aids grouped into five learning area - Numeracy ,Literacy ,Life- Skills ,Motor Skills and Puzzles. Hanging from hooks are several laces ,to teach plaiting skills ,an important motor -sequential activity.At the back of the unit ,there is a large pin-board for placing pictures and posters.
When the Classroom on Wheels is not in use ,the entire unit can be locked and turned on wheels to face a wall ,so that the contents of the unit are out of reach of the learners ,and the posters are on display.

2. MINI -LIBRARY on WHEELS (Angel Book Nook) :
There is ample space for book storage and display if the intended usage of the unit is a mini library .There is also more storage for books behind the felt boards.

The unit can be used in a pre-school ( aged 2-4 years) ,foundation phase (Grade R - Grade 3 ) or intermediate (Grade 4 - Grade 6 classroom).
It supports THREE main learning areas
*Life -Skills
It also provides activities which develop FINE MOTOR SKILLS ( ie .Finger dexterity with bead threading ,plastic construction ,connecting plastic links in a chain ,plaiting laces ,jigsaw puzzles etc ,MOVEMENT & BALANCE (eg ,the use of bean bags) and SPATIAL development (copying patterns from an abacus ,completing a jigsaw puzzle by copying a picture).
This Angel Classroom on Wheels ,as presented ,provides an educational Hub for a Pre-schools class of up to 30 learners.
NUMERACY - The Angel C-O-W provides a built in abacus for counting and sequencing patterns + charts ,aids ,games ,dice for developing sound and number concept.Two children can kneel at the bench to work with the Abacus or counters while writing in school books.Charts can be stuck to the front of the flet boards ,to use as teaching aids by the teacher ,as well as the use of the chalkboards on the two opening doors.There are Geo-metric puzzles ,wooden matrix puzzles and threading shapes to teach SHAPE and COLOUR ,as well as Flash Cards and games to consolidate basic numeracy.Numbered bean-bags are used to provide physical interaction and addition and substraction skills.
Alphabet charts are neatly stacked in a folder at the rear end of the unit ,ready to be pinned on the pin -board which forms part of the back section of the unit.Magnetic letters are used to consolidate spelling of words learnt in life skills lessons, and flashcards (Colours and Shapes and Transport ) and posters (My Family ,Wild animals ,Farm Life and Colours) will also have new vocabulary to teach pre-schoolers..Felt pictures stuck to the three boards will provide oral interaction and new vocabulary.
Perhaps the most obvious and the most popular teaching aids are the puppets (2 moving mouth and/or three family members) ,which encourge communication skills ,and can be used in the puppet theatre by Educators and the learners..
jigsaw puzzles ,posters with vocabulary ,games that teach taking turns/winning /losing ,learning to thread discs ,beads ,counters etc .Plaiting laces which assist in fine motor skills ,throwing + balancing mini - bean bags ,etc

All in all ,the Angel Book Nook or Angel COW ,is simply a compact learning centre ,which can be stocked according to the needs of the classrm.Depending on the age of the Learners ,the aids would vary and this would naturally also depend on the budget allocated per unit.
The books are displayed in the open shelves.All the teaching aids are stored behind the felt boards ,so that they are not a distraction when the educator is using the felt board as a lesson.The boards are taken down when the educator wishes parts of the whole unit to beused by a small group enclosed within the arms of the unit ,or when all aids are utilised by all 30 Learners.
When not in use ,the unit is closed up ,padlocked shut ,and turned to face the wall ,so that the posters on the unit are displayed.The children also have access to the plaiting laces on either side -these do not require supevision

We want to give children a marvelous reading experience and meaningful education, regardless of where they come from:

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Children & Youth

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We want to give children a marvelous reading experience and meaningful education, regardless of where they come from: We need Corporations,individuals ,Business and Foundations to sponsor Angel Classrooms on Wheels ( COW's) so we can distribute them to desperately poor Early learning centres we encounter regularly or who they have identified.

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