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Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

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We make ART accessible, giving children in even the most remote areas a voice through this expressive medium. Through ART we educate, empower and enable the underprivileged youth of South Africa to take pride in their communities, their abilities and most importantly their futures.
We are currently working on a project called Project Surf Art Love.
PROJECT SURF ART LOVE is a collaboration of art and surf.
The mission of the project is to get the underprivileged kids of J-Bay in the waves, surfing, and
winning at life.
We have created a fundraising platform for underprivilidged kids wanting to surf. We use the children’s art to connect them with the global surf community. The kids epic little drawings are being made into stickers/rice paper print for surfers all over the world to display on their boards, or cars or laptops. The proceeds are going back to the development and sustainability of the Surf Club the kids are part of and others like itacross South Africa.

It has been proven countless times by established organisations like ‘9 Miles’ (@9MilesProject),
‘Waves for Change’ (@WavesforChange) and ‘Surfers not Street
Children’ (@SurfersNotStreetChildren) that surfing has the ability to positively impact a child's life.
Surfing becomes the incentive that drives the children to attend school, stay away from negative
influences, and strive for a brighter future.
Our mission is to help create a sustainable and duplicable mentorship system, with the privilege
and joy of surfing at the centre.

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Arts & Culture, Children & Youth

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